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Archive | April, 2015

Tongue Problems

Having a tongue that is in good physical shape is an important part of overall oral health. A healthy tongue is slightly bumpy with a light pink coloring. There are numerous problems that can happen to the tongue from lacking oral hygiene, so keeping the tongue clean is a necessity in avoiding these illnesses. White

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Why are Laser Treatments Better for Environment?

Laser treatments are a somewhat new technology that is used by dental professionals for a variety of services. This form of dentistry can be better for the environment than the alternative treatments that are done not using laser because often the substitute is a chemical composition. Dental laser treatments are more environmentally friendly, quicker and

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Beer and Teeth

Many adults divulge and drink one or several beers when out on the town with their friends, and yet few consider the oral consequences that may arise from drinking alcohol in excess. Stained teeth and deteriorating tooth enamel are consequences that individuals who are frequent beer consumers face at some point. Drinking an occasional beer

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