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Archive | May, 2014

Washington, DC Cosmetic Dentist

Are you self-conscious about your smile? Do you shy away when friends and family pull out their cameras to take a picture? Do you have a tooth, or teeth, that you wish could just look a little different? You are not alone. Many individuals of the Washington DC area are insecure about their smiles. Much

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Sore Gums: When It’s Time to See A Dentist

Gum irritation is one of the most common dental frustrations of our time. Even the healthiest of mouths sometimes experience sore gums. While this may seem like a minor discomfort, when gums feel sore, it’s often because the gums are slowly detaching from the tooth. When this happens, food, bacteria, and plaque can all begin

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Dental Implants Popular In Falls Church

Many individuals in the Falls Church area of Virginia are looking into the possibility of dental implants. Dental implants should be considered when an individual is loosing the root structure of his or her natural tooth. In these cases, the jawbone often shrinks and makes the face appear older than it actually is. If you

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