Root Canals

Composite Resins: Strengthen Your Smile

Root Canals Strengthen Your Smile

A big healthy smile is usually associated with happy, confident people. However, a perfect smile can be extremely hard to maintain. Overtime, tooth decay and unfortunate accidents can often be embarrassing and hinder you from showing your full smile. If you are affected by tooth decay or suffering from painful cavities, the office of Dr. Priti Naik wants you to know that a root canal may be the solution for you.

Tooth decay is very common and can be caused by a number of different reasons often resulting in tooth pain. A modern root canal treatment is the perfect procedure to save you from the unwanted pain, and save your already amazing smile. Today’s root canal treatment is not as invasive as the root canal treatments of the past.

If you are a qualified candidate for a root canal treatment, the procedure begins with the irritated or infected tissue around the decaying tooth being removed. The procedure continues with the cleaning out and disinfecting of the tooth. Once the tooth is clean, it is filled with a rubber-like mixture called gutta purcha. It is highly recommended that after the root canal is completed, you follow up with a permanent filling and then a crown to prevent further fracture of the tooth and added protection.

Today’s routine root canal treatment can be conducted within one or two appointments depending on severity. In Dr. Naik’s office it is an expectation to have a relaxed and satisfying experience during and after your appointment.

This modern day treatment saves your natural tooth and has several advantages like normal biting strength, normal appearance, and effective chewing. Dr. Naik wants you to keep your healthy natural smile and to enjoy the normal foods that you have always eaten. This modern root canal treatment allows patients to continue living their preferred lifestyle, and with added care, the root canal resin can last just as long as other natural teeth.

The office of Dr. Naik strongly believes in conservative dentistry meaning that a natural tooth structure is highly related to a healthier and more beautiful smile. Contact our dental office in Vienna, VA today to set up an appointment with local dentist Dr. Naik to see if you qualify for root canal treatment.

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