Root Canals

Root Canals: No Longer Painful


Confidence.  When you smile, we want your lips to reach your ears, and all your teeth to shine.  Yet having that perfect smile is very difficult to maintain even for those of us with the best dental hygiene habits.  Over time decay, age, and wear and tear can lead to painful cavities.  If you have had a cavity, or have been avoiding getting a painful toothache taken care of, the office of Dr. Priti Naik wants you to know a root canal could be the solution for you.

Modern day root canal treatment is very different from what was once a very painful procedure.  As dentistry has evolved over the years, root canal treatment and our understanding treatment options has grown with it.  Today’s root canal treatment takes 1 or 2 appointments and should leave you relaxed during and after both.  Root Canals Strengthen Your Smile
If you are a qualified patient for the treatment, the procedure begins with the removal of irritated and infected tissue; whether that be the decay on the tooth itself or the nerve ending controlling the sensation of the tooth. The procedure continues with a wash out and disinfecting of the healthy surface left of your natural tooth.  Once the tooth is clean, it is
filled with a rubber like substance called gutta purcha.  After the root canal is completed, it is highly recommended you follow up with a permanent filling and a crown to prevent any further damage to restored surface and add an extra part of protection.

This modern treatment has a ton of advantages; normal to higher biting strength than before, normal appearance matching your teeth.  Dr. Naik and the office team want to keep your natural, healthy smile while also being able to enjoy all of your favorite foods and drinks.  

crownsThe office of Dr. Naik believes in preventive and conservative dentistry – we prioritize your tooth’s natural surface.  A healthy, confident smile comes with no pain and the best care – that’s what we provide to our patients.  If you feel like there are any flaws in your smile, biting pains, or any question or concern on your mouth we have a solution. Contact our dental office in Vienna, VA if you are ready to set up an appointment to see if root canal treatment can ease pain and discomfort in your mouth, so you can get back to living your life to the fullest.

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