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No matter how well we care for our teeth at home, the truth is some of us are more prone to cavities and dental problems than others. When a small cavity or damage to the tooth goes unnoticed, decay and infection can grow quickly and even spread to the soft inner tissue, or the pulp, of the tooth. Although you might not be able to see what’s causing you pain, you might experience a chronic toothache that just can’t find relief! Thankfully, the gentle but effective restorative dental services at the office of Priti Naik, DDS can carefully bring you relief of your toothache and effectively restore your smile back to its natural strength, health and beauty. Don’t risk losing a tooth when the gentle services of a root canal specialist(also known as an endodontist) can help you find relief and keep your smile looking confident and radiant!

According to the American Association of Endodontics, 67% of Americans say they’re most concerned about feeling pain when they go to the dentist for a root canal. Fortunately, however, modern advanced dental technology has made concern about pain during a root canal a worry of the past. Root canal therapy is now a virtually painless treatment, so patients can relax while they get care for their dental health that is conservatively performed and gives patients peace of mind.

Modern Root Canals

Today’s root canal treatments take just one or two appointments. At your first appointment, our Vienna endodontist will discuss it with you.

When treating a patient with root canal therapy, a local anesthetic is applied to the affected area to remove any pain during the procedure. Next, a small hole is made at the surface of the tooth to reach the source of infection, located in the soft inner pulp of the tooth. The infected tissue and irritated nerve endings are removed to alleviate future tooth pain and remove all sources of infection and decay. The inside of the tooth is then disinfected and filled with a rubber like substance known as gutta purcha, which supports the tooth from within. Once the treatment is complete and all sources of damage or decay have been treated, it is highly recommended to follow up with a permanent dental filling and dental crown to support a strong and healthy tooth and protect the future of your radiant smile.

After a gentle and simple root canal treatment, you’ll be happy you protected your teeth from future decay or damage and restored a tooth that could have been lost back to its healthy and strong natural function! Your healthily restored tooth will feel stronger than ever before, and will look natural alongside your regular teeth, so you can effortlessly enjoy all of your favorite foods and drinks feeling confident.

Affordable Dental Care – Dr. Priti Naik DDS

When it’s time to go in for a dental exam or six month checkup, it’s important that you always feel comfortable, safe, and understand exactly what your treatment plan will get you. At the best Vienna dentist Dr. Priti Naik, DDS, we prioritize your health by using the most painless, conservative treatments so your teeth can get the treatment they require with high accuracy and precision–at no extra cost of your stress or wallet. Reach out highly experienced team at 703-288-1800, so we can partner with you to help you reach that healthy, confident smile that’ll help get you back to living your life to the fullest!

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