Dental Implants

Find A Dental Implant Surgeon in Vienna, VA With Partners of Dr. Naik

Millions of Americans see tooth loss through accidents, tooth decay, or gingivitis (gum disease). Thankfully today, there is an attractive alternative to bridges, partial, or full dentures for the patient looking for a whole and healthy smile; dental implant surgery.

Dr. Priti Naik and her team partner with physicians experienced in dental implant surgery in Vienna, VA. She will strive to provide amazing service to every patient by maintaining healthy, natural looking, and functioning replacement teeth.

What Is A Dental Implant?

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots that are meant to provide a sturdy foundation for temporary teeth. The good news is that these dental implants hold replacement teeth that are made to seamlessly match the natural teeth still in your mouth.

Dental implants mimic natural teeth in an amazing way. A titanium post is anchored to the jawbone allowing for replacement teeth to functionally act as if they were natural!

Dental implants can also be used to secure bridges, partials, or full dentures to the jawbone so as to end the annoying slipping that can be associated with denture work.

The anchored titanium post is implanted into the jawbone for each replacement tooth. This eventually allows the bone tissue to harmlessly fuse with the titanium anchors, creating a durable and natural foundation. Once the bone tissue is fused, a crown is attached to each post so as to complete the restoration and imitate natural teeth function and appearance.

Moving Forward With Dental Implant Surgery In Vienna, VA

Dental implants will lead to a more active lifestyle and a more confident you! They are durable and convenient in providing the natural smile that will bring the confidence back into your look!

There are a significant amount of appealing advantages to those who choose Priti Naik, DDS partners for their dental implant surgery:

  • Restored appearance and speech
  • Easy eating and comfort
  • Enriched self-esteem and better oral health

Dental implants can return your healthy smile and grow your confidence as a permanent replacement for decaying or lost teeth. They are extremely stable so speech is normal and eating is easy again.

Dental implants promote a healthier you! Overall health is greatly associated with strong oral health, and dental implants don’t erroneously harm any remaining natural teeth in your mouth. This allows for continued and improved dental hygiene.

To take part in dental implant surgery, a knowledgeable, experienced and practical oral surgeon is needed. Dr. Priti Naik works with a dental implant specialist who has an abundant amount of experience so that she can restore the implant with a crown for great results.


Dental implants are not for everybody as there are some qualifying needs to be met for the patient looking to have surgery. A comprehensive evaluation by Dr. Priti Naik and her staff will determine if you are eligible for the dental implants, as suitable jaw-bone structure is required for implant surgery. Vienna, VA patients welcome! Contact Dr. Naik also if in search of dental implants in Tyson’s Corner, VA or dental implants in Falls Church, VA.

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